Welcome to silvercubs!

As the artisan behind Silvercubs, I weave memories and textures into each piece of handcrafted jewellery.

The Middle East, has left an indelible mark on my soul and has found its way into my jewellery. Silvercubs is a celebration of my travels and life abroad and I draw inspiration from the rugged walls of desert forts, the cool marble of ancient palaces, and the worn steps of winding alleys of the bazaars I once lived close to. Each piece carries the whispers of sun-bleached stones, and the play of light and shadow in the form of patina or texture.

The love of making silver jewellery is emphasised in bold statements- the chunky link chains that demand attention, asymmetrical earrings that spark conversation, and mystic rings that wrap around your finger are all traits of Silvercubs. But alongside the bold, I also cherish the raw and unique. Hammered surfaces, irregular gemstones, and unexpected twists—these are my signature. I create jewellery that defies convention.

In my workshop, tools become extensions of my hands. I etch, solder, and polish with reverence. The patina of time settles on individual and selected pieces, telling stories of craftsmanship and love. When you wear Silvercubs, you wear a piece of my love to create beautiful one of a kind pieces—a fusion of Middle Eastern memories of my life in Qatar, Muscat and Saudi Arabia, their melodies, and the art of fabrication in metal work.

Enjoy looking around my shop.

With love

Sarra x